Senior Feature Benjamin Spectre

For many people, the journey through high school high school is one of growth and discovery, and few have grown as much as senior Benjamin Spectre.

Benjamin began his high school career at Bel Air before transferring to Eastwood his sophomore year. "I thought it would be a safer learning environment" he explained, "The first day I came there were no gangs or drugs."

The changes he has made have also been physical as well. "Iv'e certainly grown upward the past few years" Spectre commented. Prior to joining the Physical Training team he described himself as well as was described as "very chubby". Since then he has not only commanded the Physical Training team himself, but he has also competed on the Orienteering, Armed Drill, and Raider Challenge teams. Spectre says his favorite of each of these has been the PT team because "it helps me to improve myself as well as motivate others to do so too."

"He even inspired me to start losing weight through example and encouragement"Sergeant Hunter added.

Colonel Powell  reports that Spectre has also participated in over ninety percent of all JROTC community service activities this year. He believes community service is important because " It teaches important lessons about serving your community, and its a ton of fun"

Spectre has changed in his own attitude as well."He really started to stand out his junior year"Sergeant Hunter recalled "That was when he really grew involved and learned to really speak up". Fellow Senior Max Lopez states that Spectre "He is mature for his age, probably more mature than most of his peers and his commitment to his academics". "Spectre is such a friendly and relatable person, even too all of the underclassmen" Freshman Samantha Duran said.

Benjamin believes his greatest support throughout high school were his parents, who set him on his fitness program, always helped him get to community service projects and were there for him whenever academic grew frustrating. He advises all future graduates to "Keep their nose to the grind, become involved within their community, and always try to keep improving".  Spectre will be graduating DAP (Distinguished acheivement program) this year, after which he plans to attend UTEP and study sports medicine.