Alec Gallardo and Matthew Cubillos: actors on the rise

Not too long ago, students and teachers were captivated by the first appearances of two actors who have made a name for themselves during their time at Eastwood High School. Debuting as the leading men, Alec Gallardo and Matthew Cubillos have gone on to play diverse characters in three different plays and musicals. "We both want to pursue a career in this field and if we hadn't taken that leap of faith freshman year, I don't know what I'd be doing right now," say the boys, whom this past November went to Dallas to audition before hundreds of schools in Texas and across the nation. It was recently discovered that both have received callbacks--Cubillos for 22 schools and Gallardo for 30, and will be attending these callbacks later on in the year.

Matthew began his theater experience sophomore year in the hilarious play "Rumors," where he portrayed the protagonist, Ken. He recalls that his first leading role "was an amazing experience, and I just had to do more." Matthew, however, received smaller roles in "Back to the 80's," "Still Life With Iris," and "Little Shop of Horrors" but he took control of his smaller presence and dominated his time on the stage. "You work with what you have and I wanted to continue making this an amazing experience." Matthew finally received his long awaited comeback as the male lead as Eddie in "Musical Comedy Murders of 1940's" and as Sonny in the musical "In the Heights." Sometime during this period, Matthew realized that his life ambition is to become an actor, and he soon went off to Dallas with fellow cast mate Alec Gallardo to audition for theater programs across the country. "If I'm not acting in Eastwood, I'm acting at the community college. This is something that I enjoy doing and hopefully continue to do for the rest of my life." Matthew received 22 offers from different programs and got accepted into Baylor Univeristy's program, however, he will be attending the callbacks and is still undecided about where he will be attending this fall. Wherever he chooses to go, Matthew will continue to mesmerize people with his talent for years and years to come.

Unlike Matt, Alec began his career a year earlier in the musical "Pirates of Penzance Jr.," where he had a chorus role. However, he showed theater arts teacher Larissa Rollins his potential and ended up receiving a lead role in "Rumors." His career only went uphill as he received significant roles in "Back to the 80's," "Still Life With Iris," "Little Shop of Horrors," "Musical Comedy Murders," "In the Heights." Alec says that his "time in theater has been an eventful one. I participated in every show including UIL. It's been a remarkable and memorable four years of my life, and it really opened up my eyes. I have a deeper understanding and appreciation of the arts than I used to have." Alec expressed his desire of becoming an actor "since my junior year. It's been a really amazing experience and I just don't see myself doing anything else in my life." He, too, auditioned before a panel of distinguished theater programs across the nation in Dallas. He received 30 callbacks and a potential scholarship. "If so many people are interested, it's kind of encouraging because it means I must be doing something right." Alec is undecided of where he will be attending in the fall, but he is definitely one to keep an eye out for.

Before the school year ends, Matt and Alec must face a decision that could shape the rest of their lives: where they will be pursuing their future in acting. As the drama club, musical theater, and all of those beloved to the boys prepare for the goodbye, Eastwood High School is in good hands knowing that someday these two will make a name for themselves by continuing their education. It is unknown where these talented actors may venture off to, but one thing is certain: wherever they may go, they will make someone laugh, someone cry, and make crowds of people happy because that is what they were born to do.