Leo Sanchez: The New Horned Frog

Not too long ago, Leo Sanchez was just another average student trying to learn the basics of swimming. Overtime, the novice transformed into one of the state's best swimmers and eventually an Olympian.

The news of Leo's commitment first broke through Twitter by El Paso Times correspondent Felix Chavez and almost immediately, waves of admiration had reached the star athlete.  "I don't think there are enough words to describe my admiration for Leo. He's so dedicated, ambitious and hard-working. It inspires me to push myself harder to someday become as great as him," says junior swimmer Daniel Montanelli. Eastwood alumni, past and present have expressed their love and support including 2013 graduate, Joe Brown, who is currently swimming at Louisville. Brown feels proud that Leo "has continued the legacy that I and so many others before him have started. His journey is only about to get better." His co-captains Angel Macias, Danielle Ochoa & Georgina Salas wish him nothing "but the very best for his future. He's worked very hard for this."

The story of Leo Sanchez stems backs all the way back to freshman year when he first joined the swimming team. Coach Flato recalls seeing "something special in him. He had the guts,the passion. I knew instantly he was going the distance." Sanchez drastically improved from his first year and went off to get qualified for State his sophomore year and won his junior year. "I remember Leo on my first day. He's always been funny and enthusiastic and now all of his hard work paid off," says senior Vivian Carrera. A new obstacle emerged for the prestigious athlete: what college will he be attending next fall?

Last year he began to receive offers from schools in Louisville, Texas A&M, Virginia and countless more as the year progressed. Not only is Sanchez a star at the pool, Leo is a star in the classroom too. He hopes to one day become "a physical or speech therapist. I just love helping people." His education played an important factor in the most important choice he's made in his life. Leo chose TCU because "it promised me what I needed. It guaranteed the education that I wanted and it also gave me the opportunity to continue the thing I'm most passionate about." He went on to add that he "fell in love with the campus, the coach and the team made me feel at home. I love the city surrounding it. I'm really excited to be going here." At his official signing, friends and family members came to commemorate the bright athlete on his milestone on his road towards success. "I'm very thankful and blessed for all the support that my family, my friends, my community has showed me. It doesn't get better than this."

Leo promises that with "hard work and dedication anything is possible." Sanchez splashed his way to a brighter future, leaving behind a paved road for future generations to follow. The Eastwood faculty, staff and students wish the newest member of the TCU community the best for his very promising career ahead.