Coach Allen "Roger That" Nichols to retire

Eastwood teacher Allen "Roger" Nichols will be retiring at the end of this 2013-2014 school year. He has dedicated 8 years to Eastwood High School out of his 19 years employed as a teacher.

His first memory of Eastwood was coming here 15 years ago with his parents to recycle newspaper. He was a substitute for 2 years and he filled in at all the Ysleta and Socorro  High School and out of the 13 schools he favored Eastwood because of its traditions, staff, atmosphere and many other qualities. He served as an assistant girl's golf coach for 3 years, a year on both boys and girls teams.  Jon Stovall, head girls' golf coach said, "Coach Nichols has a very special way with kids.  He's one of those teachers who remembers what it felt like to be a teenager, how difficult it is and how important it is to play and enjoy being a kid, as well as how important it is to feel loved and accepted."

Mr. Nichols believes that "all kids are special and teachers should be focused on helping them." He expressed his plans and feelings on his retirement, " I like to think I'm changing jobs. I'm subbing to help the school, and I have a stepson here that I would like to support. I'm going to be around, but in a different capacity."

Co-worker and friend Alicia Lowe commented on how he connects with everyone, "He's very compassionate, understanding and patient with all the students. He's not judgemental and he always has something good to say with every individual. It's going to be a big loss and he will obviously be  missed."

He's planning to work on his house, play golf, work behind the scenes here as a substitute, and enjoy a wide range of activities.  Eastwood thanks Nichols for his service to the students, and we wish him well. "Roger that!"