Americas Beloved Child Star, Shirley Temple, Dies at 85

"Any star can be devoured by human adoration, sparkle by sparkle" - Shirley Temple Black

The loveable and former child star, Shirley Temple Black passed away at night on Monday, February 10, 2014 in her home in Woodside, California at the age of 85. To her trademark curls and her dimples, she tap-danced her way into our hearts. Children everywhere started copying her hair and buying toy figures. People even named a drink after the starlet, a chaste, but sweet concoction called the Shirley Temple that mixed ginger ale, grenadine and a maraschino cherry; containing no liquor. Temple was an idle to everyone; she was America's little darling.

Shirley Temple was born on April 23, 1928 and began acting at the age of three. In 1934, she found fame in the film, "Bright Eyes" and it seemed specifically made for her talents. Temple was able to do it all: sing, dance, act, all at the age of five. Fans everywhere loved and adored her as she was always cheerful and bouncy in her films. She had the same, sunny presence that lifted the nation’s spirits during the darkest days of the Depression. In August 1950, Temple auditioned for Peter Pan on Broadway, after losing the role, she finally admitted her recent movies had been poor fare, and announced her official retirement from films on December 16.

In the late 50s, she briefly had her hand at entertainment again as a television host, but after only three years, she turned back to politics. After she lost a campaign for Congress, she joined the United Nations delegation in 1969; she became the U.S. ambassador to Ghana, and later took that same post in Czechoslovakia, which she held until 1992. She lived out her final years in Woodside, California.

"Although she may always be best remembered as America’s sweetheart, the woman who left the screen at 22 saying she had enough of pretend, ended up leaving a considerable mark on the real world," the Times about the passing of the star.

"When I was younger, I used to watch her movies that came on every Saturday morning," substitute, Melaina Atkinson shared. "She was my favorite person to watch, my favorite parts were when she dance and sang because you can tell she really enjoyed her job and she always seemed happy in her movies."