Book Club Selling Valentines Balloons for Loved Ones

Valentine's Day is just around the corner and Book Club has a selection of balloons for loved ones everywhere. Balloons will be sold in the library all day from 8:30am to 1:30pm, one dollar for latex balloons and two dollars for mylar balloons.

According to Librarian and club sponsor, Debbie Sanchez said that this is a fundraiser to raise money for the Book Club, specifically their upcoming field trips, club activities and they also will donate some of the profits to charities.

"The basic idea of the Book Club is to get people together who enjoy reading books, we share books we've read or are currently reading," Sanchez added "we'll be doing non-fundraising activities too, such as inviting elementary kids to come to the library for arts & crafts, snacks, and stories for national library week in April."

"I like the way how the kids don't have to read all the same books, everybody has their own taste in different books and they get to choose books they want to read themselves," Liberian Aide, Marissa Carrillo shared.

"Well, even though its only our second year for Book Club, I can tell these are the strongest members we've ever had," Liberian Aide, Lorena Mireles added, "I can see these kids have a passion for reading and are dedicated to the club; they put their minds to it."