Troopers Rob Rams of Comeback

The varsity boys' basketball team managed to maintain their lead against Montwood, Tuesday night, winning 57 to 49 despite a large comeback from the Rams.

From the very get go, the Troopers owned the game. Preserving a two to four point lead throughout the first period, Eastwood's hold continued to grow. With tight defense and a fierce offense, the Troopers were able to gain a twenty point lead by the third period.

By then, the game seemed to be all wrapped up, spectators were packing up, and Eastwood was guaranteed their victory. But what no one suspected, however, was for the Rams to stage a full on comeback. The Troopers stood amazed as Montwood continued to find and exploit weak points in their defense. Four minutes into the fourth quarter, the Rams had caught up to Eastwood 43-45.

With victory so close for the Troopers, the possibility of allowing Montwood to succeed was unfathomable to them. A fire now in their eyes and their offense now in overdrive, Eastwood quickly robbed the Rams of their chances of victory.

Eastwood's final game of the season is on Tuesday, in the Bob Lesley gym.