Eastwood Students Let Their Creativity Show Through UIL Theatrical Design

This year, the UIL Theatrical Design Competition is back, and Eastwood is entering it with new students who are eager to express their creativity through various aspects of theatrical design.  In this UIL competition, students are asked to base their design around the work of a visual artist (painting, sculpture, drawing, and or illustration) or architect. The students can focus on set design, costume design, marketing, or hair and makeup design.

Freshman Jordan Gallardo is basing his project around modern set design, and entered the competition with a lot of perseverance. "I have always loved all aspects of theater, and in the future I would love to have a career based on it, which is why I decided to enter in this competition," Gallardo said. For the set design portion of this competition, the student is asked to create a set model according to a certain time period and scale size. "My project that I am creating is based off of my taste for modern and futuristic architecture, and one of the things I've learned so far is that the plot of the play is most important when designing a set, because it allows you to think of a setting in your own mind, and then bring it to life on stage," Gallardo said. He also explained that since he is only a Freshman with a fresh mind eager to learn, he hopes to explore all areas of theater in his next three years to become better prepared and more skilled for his future ahead.

Sophomore Randall Colmenero is also entering the competition, basing his project on hair and makeup that was inspired by a futuristic take on the Renaissance Era. "Usually when people watch plays, they underestimate hair and makeup, and I want to change that. I want people to look at what I do and think 'whoa'," he explained. " I hope that through this competition people realize that they can be creative with their hair.  Instead of wearing their hair down everyday, they can curl it, do different kinds of braids, and even make a simple ponytail look extreme. When people look in the mirror, I don't want them to think doing their hair or makeup is a labor, but an opportunity to be creative."

Also participating in the competition are

The deadline to send projects is February 5, 2014. The projects will be sent to Austin, Texas, where they will be evaluated and scored by qualified theater and marketing professionals.