Girls' Basketball Gets Swept By Bel-Air

The 12-12 Lady Troopers took a severe loss to the 12-6 Bel-Air Highlanders Friday night.

The girls were slow defensively and offensively throughout the entire game. The team allowed Bel-Air to score 15 points by the end of the first period. Eastwood scored 8 points, which wasn't enough to put them in a comfortable lead before the second period.

The second period proved to be just as unsuccessful for the girls when they only scored 10 points. The score at half-time was 26-18 with the Highlanders in the lead.

The girls were hoping to return after half-time with a rejuvenated energy that would push them to gain a lead.  They still could not break the hold Bel-Air had of the score. The team scored only 6 points in the third period, while Bel-Air scored 28. Eastwood fell far behind the Highlanders by a total of 30 points. The score at the end of the third period was 54-24.

Eastwood found the offensive strength to score a total of 12 points in the fourth period. Those points, however, were not enough to put them in the lead. The girls lost the game to Bel-Air by 46 points. The final score was 60-26.

Head coach Endi Vargas said the girls were not as focused as they had been before the game. She also said she hopes to make practices more intense so the girls are ready to play Americas.

The Lady Troopers play Americas this Tuesday at home.