Mr. Arias Moves on to Next Chapter

Vicente Arias has been teaching for 37 years and has decided to retire from his duty at Eastwood High School in 2014. "I chose to retire because it feels like it's time to create a new chapter in my life. I'm still healthy, and I've done and accomplished all I could do as a teacher." He explained. "I plan on helping my brother-in-law with his business and volunteering at the church I attend." Arias added.

While reflecting on his past, he said: "The best moments are when students return and tell me how much my class meant to them." Along with sharing his favorite memories, he also offered advice to younger teachers: "When teaching, you need patience and a sense of humor. Every class is different, every student is an individual so treat them as such. Use sense of humor to show that you are human as well and appropriately break the barrier between student and teacher." Arias also shared what he would miss most about his job. "The individuality and uniqueness of students. I'm also going to miss the students that told me they enjoyed my class and that I impacted their lives."

Spanish teacher Elsa Lopez described the best traits of Arias. "He's a great friend, a wonderful person, and a dedicated teacher; I will miss him."  Elizabeth Hernandez, Spanish teacher, said that "he's a real prankster, and we'll miss that.  But at least we won't have to worry about him stealing our chairs and putting them in other classrooms."  She added that Arias "has been a very positive influence on hundreds and hundreds of young lives over 37 years; he's a true professional."

In closing, Arias wanted to give advice to his fellow co-workers in his department. "Work together and not against one another,"  he said. As he says goodbye to Eastwood, Arias prepares for the future ahead.