Advanced Health Students Receive First Aid And CPR Certifications

On the last week of the first semester, Mrs. Beeman's Advanced Health classes received their Red Cross first aid and CPR cards and certificates after months of training for this important certification. Students received the usual health lessons (exercise, nutrition, effects of drugs on the body, etc.) before being taught CPR and first aid in order to become certified.

Many of the students took the course for common reasons: job opportunities and the security of being prepared in case of an emergency situation. Junior Miranda Amato explained, "I liked Health 1 and wanted to be first aid certified so that I'd be prepared for emergencies and qualified for more jobs."

Beeman told how she always enjoys teaching the course and watching her students receive certification. "I love it, I think it's such a worthwhile skill, so I totally embrace it. I love it," she said. Beeman believes the class is something every student should consider taking. "It gives students an opportunity to be a valued member of society and help others. It's a very valuable skill to employers so it really gives them a leg up on summer jobs," she added.

Advanced Health classes (1st and 4th period) received their cards and certificates on Wednesday in a small ceremony in Beeman's classroom. The certification is valid for two years before a renewal course is needed.

Students who received first aid and CPR certification:

1st period:

Miranda Amato, 11
Cienna Arrieta, 10
Juan Cochran, 12
Brianna Figueroa, 9
Troy Franklin, 11
Miranda Lucero, 10
Christopher Nobles, 10
Erin Portillo, 10
Alejandro Prieto, 10
Bianca Ruvalcaba, 10
Brandon Soto, 11
Brisa Soto, 10

4th period:

Juan Bayona, 11
Desiree Delgado, 10
Jonathan Galaviz, 11
Alexandria Grijalva, 11
Andrew Jurado, 12
Miguel La Porte, 11
Eduardo Lara, 10
Paola Lozano, 10
Christian Magana, 10
Andrew Marquez, 10
Naomi Padilla, 11
Seleste Rodriguez, 10
Alexis Sandoval, 11
Christian Solis, 10