Dance Troopers Dance

Eastwood Troopers danced the night away Sunday, December 15th and Monday, December 16th at the winter recital at the Central Office Theater.

Saltatrix director, Shiela Dwyer said, "I think Eastwood is a dance magnet school; we have Flocorico, Trooperttes, Troupicil, Saltatrix, Advanced dance, Dance 1,2, and 3, Flags, Musical Theatre, even Gymnastics and Cheerleading have a little bit of dance in them. We were recognized nationwide for our flash mob at the 2012 graduation, and all the dancers at Eastwood take it very seriously. We even have a feeder program going on to further the dance program."

The dancers here practice day and night just to get their dances just perfect. Saltatrix annually competes as the only public high school at the Tremaine competition in LA, and has won numerous awards against private, professional dance teams.

"I know that a lot of people made sacrifices for this program, whether it be Saltatrix or any other group because the influence Mrs. Dwyer has on us is really motivating. She pushes us really hard, but it's worth it at the end of the year when you see everyone's progress. From my experience, I know it's probably the program in El Paso. It's worth it if you try taking a dance class here because you can see your own improvement," said junior Melissa Cail.

The recital included performances by the little "Sparklers" and "Shimmers" in the feeder program. They had a full house, both nights and Mrs. Dwyer was very proud of all the hard work the girls put in just to make it happen.

"Dance in school motivates me to get good grades and be a better person. The program prepares you to be very technical and builds character. It really brings a person out of their comfort zone and it's a lot of fun to perform and be with your friend's while dancing. Mrs. Dwyer helps a lot and gives you good corrections," said sophomore Amarette Alvarado.