Young Women of Today: New Club Spreads Self-Awareness

Throughout high school, it is normal for teenagers to sometimes feel insecure or self-conscious about themselves. Here at Eastwood, the Young Women of Today club offers help to such students by teaching self empowerment while hoping to raise the self esteem of its members.

Sponsor Tarin Barrow thought of the organization when she started to hear discussions between students in her classes. "It is something that was always on my mind. I thought it would be a good idea to work with the students to improve and resolve some ongoing issues," Barrow said. "This organization not only opens up a place for critical thinking, but it opens up a safe place for discussions over issues that are affecting students too." Barrow also advises that although the name may be misleading, the club welcomes everyone, not just girls.

Members seem to agree with Barrow when describing the group and its purpose. "This organization is important to have because it enables young adults to become proactive in their community while educating themselves on equality and self-respect topics," said Vice President Katherine Quartermane. Quartermane is in charge of setting up the club's events, such as donation drives and workshops. "I communicate with other organizations who would like to get involved. I also make sure the word is spread around about what we do."
"I hope the club helps people to want to get more involved with not just school affairs but also community needs. After I leave, I hope a torch will continue to carry on for the betterment of young adults and their well-beings," Quartermane concluded.

Young Women of Today meets every Wednesday during second lunch in room 506.

President- Sr. Jessica Bolanos
Vice President- Sr. Katherine Quartermane
Secretary- Sr. Sarah Marin
Treasurer- Sr. Natalie Carrillo