Girls' Basketball Struggles at McDonald's Texas Invitational

The Lady Troopers made their way to Pasadena, Texas to compete in the prestigious McDonald's Texas Invitational high school basketball tournament, one of the largest of its kind in the country, November 21-23.  The girls lost four out of their five games during their stay in Pasadena.

The morning of November 21, Eastwood played against Manvel. The team could not find an open window to gain a lead over Manvel throughout the entire game. At half-time, the score was 43-14 with Manvel in the lead. Eastwood could not summon the offensive and defensive strength they needed to beat Manvel. The final score was 65-27.

The girls spent time resting for their next game that afternoon, which would be against Mansfield Summit. The girls trailed behind Mansfield at the end of the first period with a score of 18-12. The second period ended similarly with the girls behind Mansfield by 9 points. The third period ended 37-34 with Mansfield in the lead, but the Lady Troopers were close on their tail. However, the girls were not able to defeat Mansfield despite the contribution of top scoring junior Zenia Mota, who scored 20 points that afternoon. The girls lost 54-48.

The girls' next game was the following day at 10:30 a.m. Friday morning against The Woodlands. The Woodlands kept the lead throughout the first period, which ended 19-5.The girls managed to score 15 points in the second period, which brought the score to 32-20 at half-time. Mota and Senior Krystin Noder each scored 15 points for the team, but the girls continue to struggle. The final outcome was a loss for Eastwood with a score of 64-46.

The varsity girls' team was able to regain momentum before their next to last game against Temple on November 23rd at 9:00 a.m. The girls won against Temple 47-41  in a close-scoring game. Junior Christina Eckels and Senior Sarah Skov accumulated 9 points each to add to the Lady Troopers' total. Head coach Endi Vargas said, "The way the girls fought to keep the lead contributed to our win against Temple."

That same afternoon, the girls played their last game in Pasadena, Texas against Klein Collins. The first period ended with Collins in the lead by one point, 12-11. At half- time, Eastwood scored 16 points, which put them in the lead 27-13. The team only managed to score 10 points at the end of the third, which brought the score to 39-37. Noder scored a total of 22 points for the Lady Troopers. The girls lost 47-44.

Vargas said the major flaw she saw throughout the tournament was the lack of consistency of the girls following through until the end of each game.

The girls come back from Pasadena ready to take on the Las Cruces Bulldogs at home Tuesday, November 26.