JROTC Drill Teams Working Hard

This past weekend the JROTC drill teams competed in rigorous activities ranging from rifle spins to a one-hundred yard dash. Gabriel Quesada, commanding officer of the PT (Physical Training) team, said, "Throughout the past weeks we've pushed ourselves harder than ever; the minute we got there I knew we were confident." The PT team competed , placing 3rd in all around fitness. For the team this was a huge victory and a good reason to celebrate.

The Unarmed Drill Team has made a tremendous improvement from just girls to some boys participating as well. "We were the only school to have such a thing," said Alexis Montelongo, chuckling, "they just need to get used to having some man power." For the Unarmed Drill Team it is simply basic arm movements and dance routines choreographed.

"We have a small team this year. Hopefully some more kids join up, but besides that this team is outstanding!" said Jonathan Arreola, commanding officer of the Armed Drill Team, which uses rifles for ceremonies. "To sum it up, you eat, sleep, and die by your rifle," Arreola added.

"These kids are already winners, just because they pass their grades and show effort I'm proud of them." said Sgt. First Class Debbie Hunter.

For these teams it is quite an outstanding improvement over the years just because kids are getting more  interested in the teams, practicing hard, and giving it all they've got.