Eastwood Skate Club Offers Area Skaters a Way to Get Involved

They skate and slide around Eastwood high. These are the daily activities of the skate club. Skating can be a sport or even a hobby to many people. Skateboarding was introduced sometime in the late 1940s or early 1950s when surfers in California wanted something to do when the waves were too flat to surf. It's unknown who made the first skateboard, since a few people had them at the same time. Skateboards didn't look like how they are today with stickers and drawing on them, they were regular wooden boxes with roller skate wheels attached to the bottom, time started to change and they went from a wooden box to a wooden plank.

In 2007, Eloy Alvarado started teaching at Eastwood, and that's when students started to notice that he came to school on a skateboard everyday. Students asked him about sponsoring a skate club for kids who'd love to skate just like him. "I wasn't fond of the idea at first, all the work and troubles I would have to do to put into it and plus it was my first year of teaching!" Alvarado admitted. "But then I started to notice other kids who would always skate around school and how much they enjoyed it, I even noticed that they didn't participate in anything in school, and that's when I thought maybe I should start the club, so these kids can have a way to be involved in school." In 2008 the skate club was born, but Alvarado soon found he couldn't do it alone, so he enlisted Barry Goad as his assistant, who's been skating with him for years. This club isn't just for Eastwood; it is open to the whole community. When the club first started, they had only eight students, but to date, the club has about forty people from all over El Paso, who have either already graduated, are from a different school, or just people in our community, since Eastwood is the only school to have a skate club.

"I think skate club is the best club out there," vice president Micheal Padilla said, "but that's me personally, since I love to skate." Padilla added that the club has many things planned this year. "Our biggest activities in the beginning of the year were being in the Halloween parade and Thanksgiving parades. It was cool since we got to skate around in our costumes and perform tricks for people." Skate club has earned funding by selling pizza and t-shirts and has also been working on a movie project to publicize the club. "One of our biggest intentions for this year is to make the skate club more known and make it better. We have two teachers in the club who love to skate too, and I think that's awesome!" Padilla exclaimed. Skate club hopes to make an improvement and difference at Eastwood and in the community by sharing their knowledge of the joy of skating.