Trooper Treat: A Spooktacular Success

From getting married at the marriage booth hosted by STN Video Tech, to getting hair colored by the EMS cheerleaders, the Trooper Treat was, overall, a fun experience for the community to attend.

This years' annual Trooper Treat had an outstanding turnout in participation from students, teachers, and people from the community. This event also was very profitable for the wrestling team, who sold pizza and Boba Teaze had the highest profit of over 600 dollars.

"My favorite part is just to see all the participation," assistant principal Beatriz Zavala stated, "especially the teacher participation and student participation, and the performances make it fun for the community."

The performances were held on the field and bystanders stood on the sidelines trying to get a good view of the group performing. During the program, a dance competition was held.

"My favorite thing to do at Trooper Treat was get married to my close friend (junior) Diandra Rodriguez," junior Alexia Novo said, "and helping with the haunted tour with the Student Council."

The haunted tour was guided by social studies teacher and track coach Michael Casas, who gave tours throughout the school and told stories about ghost experiences as he got to each location that the ghost encounter had allegedly occurred. The stories he told were either personal, or they were stories told to him by fellow teachers. Each tour lasted around thirty minutes.

"I think the Eastwood neighborhood has tons of kids that haven't quite reached high school yet," junior Kenna Velasquez described, "and Trooper Treat gives them the opportunity to mingle with the students, play tons of games, and win cool prizes."