The Books That Get You Hooked

After publishing over twenty non-fiction children’s books, Ellen Hopkins felt that it was necessary for a change. This led to her first young adult novel, Crank, based on the struggles her family had with drug addiction. During the writing process, she tried many writing techniques and eventually settled on poetry. Since 2004, Hopkins has published twelve novels in verse, become a New York Times bestselling author, and has been acclaimed by some as one of the best poets of the twenty-first Century.

“The poetry shows the beauty and description of the story,” Adiela Otero, a Hopkins fan from Hanks High School, said. These novels are a series of poems that create a larger story, told in a picturesque style with words that develop broad images in your mind. "The poems are emotional and touch the hearts of teens,” Bianca Pedroza, an avid reader here at Eastwood,  commented. When Crank was released, many teenagers and adults contacted Hopkins and shared their appreciation for her work. After that, she knew her mission in life was to create relevant stories.

After reading Crank, Debra White, a manager at U-Haul, said that by the end of it she wanted more. Therefore she searched for the sequel, Glass. Though Hopkins is mostly known for Crank, she has other books such as Perfect (for teenagers) and Triangles (for adults). Andrea Ramirez, a student from El Dorado High School, said that her favorite novel is Perfect, because one of the characters was inspirational by being herself instead of her parent’s idea of herself.” One reader of Triangles declared that “there were strong characters, and witnessing their struggles was heart-touching.” Hopkins novels are extraordinary because of their realism, so they might be unacceptable to a parent’s eye due to mature content. Truthfully, it is up to the reader. Starting as a writer who was experimenting with her ability, Hopkins’s work is worth the time.

Ellen Hopkins Young Adult & Adult Novels: