Archery: Eastwood's New P.E. Activity

Whether it's Robin Hood or Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games, many young people know of archery because of some influences in media. Eastwood's P.E. coaches Paul Cataldi and Aaron Bajek have introduced archery to their lessons this year. "After a collaboration from the administration we had a meeting to offer a life-time sport of archery." Bajek said. Both coaches were trained and certified by attending NASP (National Archery in the Schools Program). "Around 120 students are taking archery." Cataldi calculated.

"I tried it in P.E. last year and had a lot of fun," Cynthia Muniz recollected. She added that she found the sport so amusing she's attending the class again. Student Briana Calderon decided to try the sport after seeing it on an anime television show and was satisfied with the opportunity the new archery program that Eastwood presented her with.

"It brings back childhood memories." English teacher Michelle Lopez said. Lopez shared that after asking what sport her students were participating in, she was surprised to hear archery, because many El Paso high schools don't provide the sport as an option to students. "Archery is more often seen in the East Coast." Lopez explained. Because of it's rarity, Elizabeth Ospina feels that it is a privilege for Eastwood to have the sport available. Syvlia Perez, a former archery participant during middle school, believes that archery is great because it benefits students who aren't as active in other activities or who are simply curious about the sport.