'Still Life with Iris' Eastwood's Upcoming Play

On November 1-3, Eastwood's theatre directors Larissa Rollins and Noelle Mullenix are bringing the playwright Still Life with Iris to life. "It's a fantasy story about a little girl's journey to find her home and discover that one's past helps shape who they are today." Rollins summarizes.

Rollins says that reason she chose this play was because the author, Stephen Dietz, "writes like poetry and captures the human condition." She recalled the first time she read the play with her class. The majority of them were instantly hooked, encouraging the director to make it the first play of the 2013-2013 school year.

Over forty students auditioned for Still Life. The audition process required a cold-reading, which is when an actor reads a script without knowledge of what they're reading and have to use their understanding of the character and act accordingly. Nicole McIntyre—the leading actress—explained this process. McIntyre was picked for the role of Iris because she knew how to use her entire body to create the character. "Part of acting is not just facial expression, it also includes body movement.” Rollins explains. McIntyre shared what interested her about the protagonist. “She is very mature for her age and understands the world around her.” She admitted that acting has its obstacles when it comes to accurately portraying a character, but with plenty of practice it becomes fun.

In addition to actors and directors, there is another part of theatre, and that is the technical crew. As the technical director, Mullenix has been working on the sets, props, costumes, and lighting for the upcoming play. She hopes to create a whimsical world that will help tell the story. She shared that the story takes place in two worlds, requiring her to construct four locations on one stage, each with distinctly different atmospheres. Luckily, she manages a crew that helps her with the multiple tasks required. Since there is  a deadline, Mullenix doesn’t always scratch out everything on her to-do list. When this happens, decision making comes into play, and she decides what is needed most to tell the story. Mullenix believes that theatre work is difficult but is also amusing at the same time. “We have a time limit to get everything done, but since we’re using creativity, that’s what makes it fun.” Mullenix said.

The show will be playing at 7 pm on November 1 and 2 and at 2:30 pm on Sunday, November 3. All show times are located in the theater. Come and watch the fantasy world of ‘Still Life with Iris’.


Alec Gallardo (Jr.) as Man/ Mister MatterNot

Nicole McIntyre (Jr.) as Iris

Kenna Velazquez (Jr.) as Hazel

Aaron Chavez (Jr.) as Elmer

Alec Torres (Sr.) as Memory Mender

Jordan Gallardo (Fr.) as Flower Painter

Michele DeRouen (Fr.) as Leaf Monitor

Joseph Rojero (So.) as Thunder Bolt 1

Matthew Cubillos (Jr.) as Thunder Bolt 2

Heather Hawkes (Sr.) as Bolt Bender

Julia Vega (Jr.) as Rainmaker

Elizabeth Gomes (Jr.) as Mom/Miss Overlook

Abel Jaquez (Jr.) as His Most Excellent Grotto Good

Alejandro Loya (Sr.) as Mister Otherguy

Jenna Quiroz (Sr.) as Her Most Excellent Grotto Good

Zac Juarez (Jr.) as Mister Himtoo

Ninah B. Ontiveros (Jr.) as Annabel Lee

Ryan Ortegon (Jr.) as Mozart

Denise Ortiz (Jr.) as Captian Also



Understudies: Marisa Yanez (So.), Anastasia Aguirre (So.), and Jessica Bolanos (Sr.)

Stage Manager: Raven Mendez (Jr.)

Assistant Stage Manager: Ale Gonzalez (Jr.)

Set Design: L. Noelle Mullenix

Head Carpenter: Anthony Herrera

Head Scenic Painter: Carly Cloud (Sr.)

Properties Mistress: Marisa Yanez (So.)

Master Electrician: Ale Loya (Sr.)

Head Seamstress: Ari Gonzalez (Sr.)

Makeup Design: Ari Gonzalez and Nichole Hardgrove (Jr.)

Lighting Console Operator: Lisa Zombuto (Jr.)

Sound Mixer Operators: Jose Luis DeAnda (Jr.)

Backstage Sound Operator: Anthony Herrera (Jr.)

Construction Crew (scenic paint, props, costumes, etc.)

Tessa Zayas, Heather Titus (Jr.), Ruby Recovo (Jr.), Allison Nichols (Sr.), Luis Loya (Fr.), Lauren Pena (Sr.), Raven Mendez (Jr.), Jenna Quiroz (Sr.), Heather Hawkes (Sr.), Alondra Martinez (Jr.) , and Cast.