Battle of the Helmets Pep Rally

Last Friday, the entire student body of Eastwood gathered at the Battle of the Helmets pep rally to watch a cavalcade of performances and wish their competing teams good luck at their upcoming games.

Talking, laughing, and music from the band filled the stadium. In seconds all were silent as the color guard (comprised of Adam Carreon, Zachery Ruiz, Isaac Rojas, and Henry Magana) presented the colors, and the Eastwood Jazz Singers performed the national anthem. The colors left the field as a plane bearing the letters EHS flew overhead. The pep rally was now in full swing.

Trooperettes entertained using their iconic and signature moves. As part of their routine, the cheerleaders revisited the years gone by, by counting down from 1965 all the way to 2014. Cheers were heard from all around as the gymnastics team flipped and flew through the air. A silence befell the crowd as Saltatrix performed their dance routine as zombies. Students watched as the folklorico group swayed with the music. Laughter erupted in the stadium as the boys swim team streaked across the field, and Rowdyettes, which is a group composed of senior boys, gave their own dance parody.

Genesis Hinojos, a member of the band, felt content with their performance at the pep rally. " We were full of energy as always" she said.

At the end of the pep rally came the class competition. While each class called out "EHS" with as much spirit as the next, the class of 2014 was declared the winner, although many believed class of 2015 deserved to win. "We went so hard people at Hanks heard us" said Junior Davin Bermudez. Juniors were heard chanting even after the competition had ended.

Many students enjoyed the pep rally. "It was very memorable, I love all of the tradition" Veronica Hernandez said. And that is the purpose of a tradition like a pep rally, to make fond memories that will last even past students' high school years.