Eastwood Tennis Can't Wait to Serve Another Great Season

By: Analise Apodaca


Eastwood’s tennis team welcomes the new school year with chins held high and an unwavering determination. Coach Anderson, Eastwood’s varsity coach, awaits another great season featuring fresh new faces. “It’s such a mental sport”, says Coach Anderson, who has been coaching tennis at Eastwood for 19 years. He played the sport in high school, and competed at a national level. He explains that his goal is to “try to make [students] better athletes, whether they’re just beginning as an athlete or they’re very serious.” Coach Anderson explains that tennis is not only a sport that teaches great stamina, but is also a life lesson in itself. “It’s really going to teach you how to deal with things when they don’t go your way,” he chuckles. All in all, “it teaches you how to deal with adversity,” he finishes.


Noel Montenegro, who is a junior as well as captain of the varsity tennis team, says that being a part of the team “gives you the opportunity to be a part of something bigger than yourself.” He emphasizes that the sport teaches individuals to give as well as receive support from others. Noel has been playing since freshman year, and explicates “I chose it because I excelled at it and it seemed extremely interesting ." Isaac Flores, a sophomore who is also on the varsity team, recalls starting the sport because of a friend, not expecting to want to pursue it further. “I joined it because I thought it would be easy,” he admitted. “After playing for a little while, I’ve realized that it’s the exact opposite!” He now dedicates himself to a separate after school practice to improve his game. “I hope to play throughout high school, into college and further, if possible” he says with a smile. Rebekah Zamora, a junior, is proud to be on the junior varsity team. She has been playing for three years, and says “being a part of a team is an honor and a privilege.  You’re treated as family." Friendships within the team are inevitable. By sharing this similar interest, these students have established a sure camaraderie.


Eastwood’s tennis team offers a welcoming, fun environment full of supportive athletes for anyone dedicated and willing to work to improve. Whether trying out for the team or encouraging them, support our fellow Troopers so we can show why we Eastwood is most definitely El Paso’s finest.