First District Game: Eastwood vs. El Dorado

By: Allysa Tellez


It was a crisp night, perfect for Friday night football. The Eastwood Troopers ran enthusiastically out on the field as the loyal fans cheered, the band blared songs of triumph.

Even with the tremendous pride flowing from the bleachers, the Troopers could not contain El Dorado. Much too early in the game, the Aztecs scored a touchdown just three minutes into the first quarter. Eastwood controlled the ball for much of first quarter and came as close as the nineteen yard-line but was unable to score, and both the Trooperettes and the Cheerleaders chanted for motivation.


In the second quarter, the Troopers lost the ball on their own 20. There were also a series of fumbles that resulted in points for the Aztecs. The first fumble occurred at 7:46 of the second quarter, and the second at 6:16, both resulting in El Dorado scores. With the score already 13-0, things were looking bleak for the Troopers, but with typical pride and tenacity,  they were able to score a touchdown.

The second half only seemed to spiral downward for the Troopers. A touchdown by El Dorado was made at 9:46 of the third quarter. Eastwood had managed to make another touchdown twenty seconds later, but the speedy El Dorado team continued to score. The final was 49-17. However, only a minute later, El Dorado scored once again, making the score 20-0. The Troopers managed to sneak another three points in with 11.5 seconds to half-time. The half ended with a score of 20 to 10; El Dorado.

It was quite a painful sight, and this was definitely evident by the Troopers. Helmets hung low and more players filled the bench waiting for the misery to end.  Quarterback Mark Torrez noted that one of the improvements needed for the team is “not going down as we see the scoreboard.” Part of the game is “staying focused in the game and learning how to deal with mistakes and adversity.” Torrez explained, and it is something that needs to be improved on for the upcoming Coronado game. “We’re not playing at our full potential yet.”


Phillip Truax, senior captain and linebacker also saw a lot of improvements needed for the team to succeed. “We have a good coaching staff that tries to put us in the best position to win.” However, that alone is not a guarantee for Eastwood’s success, “We made a lot of mistakes. We need to play more as a team, eliminate mistakes, and stay focused through all four quarters.” Junior linebacker Andrew Cole agreed that the team had made a few mistakes, but felt that their team played “pretty good, [we] fought as hard as we could, but we played a good team and El Dorado took advantage of our mistakes.” Cole said.

It was a very difficult loss for the Troopers; the final score was 49 to 17. Their second district game is this Friday against Coronado High School. Hopefully the team will improve on what is needed to win, and this loss will only be a minor bump in the road for the remainder of the season.