What was your thought on the first day of school?

By: Alexis Peinado

IMG_4464                                Haley Meneses-Freshman

“I was nervous to find all my classes, but I was excited for starting high school. I thought upperclassmen were going to be mean, but they ended up being really friendly. I was also happy I got a lot of my friends in my classes.”

IMG_4476                                  Isidro Lujan-Sophomore

“I was tired, trying to get used to being back in school. I was excited to see all my friends, but then nervous to meet new teachers, not knowing if they are mean or not. My last class of the day was football and it was really hot.”

IMG_4485                                           Joshua Louis-Senior

   “I thought finally this is my last year of school, this is it. I was happy to see old friends and I got a lot of teachers that I had last year, I’m happy this is my last year, but at the same time, I’m going to miss it.”