By: Celeste Collette

Texas’s largest electronic dance music festival returned to El Paso over Labor Day weekend, August 31 - September 1. The third annual SMG Sun City Music Festival, otherwise known as SCMF, took place at Ascarate Park Saturday and Sunday. Around 30 musical acts performed on three stages for the tens of thousands of fans. Some attendees were from El Paso, but many others were from surrounding cities, states and areas. Tickets cost $35 for one day and $60 for both days. The fans of SCMF are encouraged by SMG Events to dress up in festival costumes, which makes SCMF a unique event.


The first time SCMF took place was on September 3 and 4, 2011 at Cohen Stadium. Because the festival was such a success, SMG Events decided to make it an annual tradition of electronic music. In honor of El Paso’s nickname, the event was named the Sun City Music Festival. SMG Events is a well-known organization for bringing the top electronic music artists from around the world. SMG will be and has been expanding to other large cities such as Albuquerque, San Antonio, Austin, Phoenix, Chihuahua and others.