RIDDICK - a review

By: Randall Colmenero

The scent of popcorn, with the bubbly taste of coke, and comfortable cushioned seats-- these are some of the best things about a visit to the movie theatres. On September 6, the third installment to The Chronicles of Riddick was released for the public. This sequel continued the story of antihero Robert B. Riddick, portrayed by Vin Diesel, being stuck on an unknown planet with dangerous creatures. When a group of bounty hunters arrive to collect the protagonist’s head for an award, there is a fight for survival. Quickly, the tables turn when day turns to night and the chance of escaping the planet is slim. This is a science fiction, action pack with plenty of fight scenes between humans and monsters. If that’s the type of film you’re searching for as a viewer, then you will enjoy it.

The acting is fairly acceptable as well as the story and dialogue. The main thing that the movie has going for it was the setting of the deserted world and detailed creatures. It might start slow, but this allows time for the characters to develop. During this time, the audience learns the reason why Riddick is on the planet and witnesses his strategies to continue life. This movie is a satisfaction when exiting the theatre, but beware that there may be material that isn’t admirable. Riddick is rated R, but if you’re over the age of seventeen, knock yourself out.

So call some friends and head to the theater. When you arrive and stare up at the many options before you, consider Riddick, because it’ll blow you out of this world.