Virgo Horoscope



“Practical, Thoughtful, Reflective”

by: Alexis Peinado


This season is really your season, for sure. Smile at someone and they might end up falling for you. This month would be perfect for communication and finding love. If you focus on the right person, you can create the perfect situation for getting anything you want. Holidays tend to bring out the weirdness in people so stay clear from them. Lucky days are on Wednesdays with a job promotion or maybe someone can present you with a special gift. As the year starts to come to an end, you would start having a feeling of going out and try something new, go for it! You never know where it might lead too. Heath might be a little problem, but you can always avoid it with a proper diet control, which can renew your energy to keep your days moving full and happy. Virgos tend to be intelligent, patient and humble and have a good memory. They also can likely to keep their friends that they had for years.


Planet: Mercury

Sixth House: Work

Element: Earth

Strength: Focus on attention

Weakness: Need perfection to get a way of enjoyment